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Google Core Update list August 2023

Google recently announced its core updates in August 2023. Let’s see these core updates
and why they are so crucial to SEO.

What Is a Google Core Update?

A Google Core Update is like a big change in how Google finds and ranks web pages when you search. It can make lots of web pages either more or less visible in search results. It's different from the small updates Google does every day because core updates are much broader and can really change how well websites do in search results.

Why Does Google Release Core Updates?

Google's main goal is to show people the best and most accurate stuff when they search for something. The internet is always changing, and new stuff keeps coming up. So, Google updates its way of doing things to keep finding the best stuff for people.

How Do Google Core Updates Impact SEO?

After a core update, websites can have three kinds of changes:

1. More Visitors: Some websites might get more people visiting them if their content matches what Google wants better.
2. Fewer Visitors: On the other hand, websites that don't match well might get fewer visitors.
3. No Change: Some websites won't see much of a difference.

It's important to know that if your website does worse after an update, it doesn't mean Google is punishing it. It just means the rules for ranking have changed.

The August 2023 Google Core Update
The latest core update in August 2023 got a lot of attention from people who work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here are some things that were probably the focus:

1. E-E-A-T Matters: Google really cares about Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). Websites that show they know their stuff, have experts and use trusted sources tend to do better.
2. User Experience Is Key: Google says it's super important for websites to be easy to use. If a site loads fast, works well on phones and is easy to move around, it's more likely to show up in search results.
3. Quality Content Matters: Websites that go deep into topics and give good info do well. It's not just about using the right words, but also about really helping people find what they want.

4. Backlinks Are Important: Google now looks at backlinks in a new way. Links from important and relevant sites matter more than just having lots of links.

So, these core updates are Google's way of trying to make sure you get the best results when you search for something. They make the rules clearer for websites to follow, so they can show you the most useful stuff.